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​Terms & Conditions

1. Just in Case Board Members, Academic Advisers, and anyone directly or indirectly affiliated with the Just in Case team have no responsibility for what the authors say and the articles posted do not reflect personal their perceptions.
Neither the website nor the authors provide legal advice or similar consulting services through articles or posts. They are not responsible for any damage to a third party due to an action or omission that was based in whole or in part on the contents of the website or the articles and the general activity of Just in Case.
3. Any kind of plagiarism is prohibited. Articles without the necessary citations to the sources will not be accepted.
4. The full or partial reproduction or transmission of Just in Case texts in any way is allowed only under the condition of explicit reference to the website, the author and the title of the text in detail.

​Όροι & Προϋποθέσεις: FAQ
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