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Permanent Members

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Study Group
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The Justies

The permanent members We work  for you, together with you.


What are permanent members?
The permanent members, always under the supervision and guidance of the founding members-managers of each sector, contribute to the organization of the overall project and help in the smooth conduct of the actions of Just in Case. The final decisions are made by the founding team, which is always next to the members working with it, in order to advise them properly. Within the Just in Case community, it is not possible for a permanent member to become a founding member.
However, the participation of the permanent members is highly valued, which is why, after five months of contribution, certificates of voluntary work are issued to all permanent members.

Potential permanent members are all undergraduate and postgraduate students and all undergraduate and postgraduate students who share the Just in Case policy of scientific validity and are interested in the topics chosen by the organizing team.

It should be noted that the status of permanent member does not prevent those who are selected from participating in actions that do not fall within the competence of their own group or from writing articles on a non-permanent basis for the blog, with topics of their choice.

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Research team 

The members of the research team contribute  in the adornment of the blog with their monthly posts. Each time they have the opportunity to choose whether to write an article (about 1,500 words) or a legal proposal (about 3,000 words and with a deeper analysis of legal issues).
At the same time, when the Tribute of the Month includes debates, workshops or competitions that require preparation of the participants, the members of the Research Team can write guiding suggestions.

Processing Team  and Pension

The role of the team is the grammatical and editorial editing of the articles to be published  on his Just in Case blog. Also, the  control  in terms of their scientific validity, especially their legal completeness, when the connection of the subject with legal science requires it (proofreading).
We mainly target law students from older years, to ensure that the published articles are in line with the Just in Case policy regarding the blog.


Ambassadors promote Just in Case actions on social media. Students  and female students  from schools in Greece and abroad can thus be informed about the next steps of Just in Case through the profiles of their friends.
Anyone  Ambassadors want it, they can also collaborate with the founding members with the aim of finding Academics and legal scientists in general, who are willing to participate in the activities as rapporteurs (External Relations).

Graphic Design Team

The team is responsible for the design of the digital material published on the social media of Just in Case. Informing the public about the upcoming actions of Just in Case acquires with this new team its most fancy version.
For the staffing of the team, people who comfortably handle Graphic Design applications, such as Canvas, Adobe Toolkit, etc. will be preferred. Above all, however, the mood for creation and cooperation is considered necessary.

Technical Support Team

The responsibilities of the group include, inter alia, the  resolving technical issues during -online or live- conducting  of events, as well as the  coordination of online correspondence with the public.
No specialized knowledge is required, only general technical support skills and a practical contribution to the work of Just in Case. However, such specialization will be greatly appreciated.

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Meet the Permanent Members

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