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Anniversary Tribute

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1 year
Just in case

We celebrated with you!

April 2022 marks one year of operation of Just in Case; a year of continuous development and substantial learning. 


From the quarantine webinars and remote meetings with the first Permanent Members to the live events of the last few months, the Just in Case family has come a long way. It adapted to new conditions, welcomed new members, organized tributes for each of the areas of Law, approached current as well as timeless humanitarian issues and hosted great legal scholars. 


In this one year, Just in Case has worked continuously on the principles of extroversion, interdisciplinarity and polyphony. It has been our honor to collaborate with Law and  Academics from other disciplines and to jointly organize events with peer student groups.


The anniversary tribute for the month of April could only promote the goals and capture the values of Just in Case:


  • The first of a series of anniversary activities took the form of a Webinar and approached the topic "Law and Environment". H an online Webinar was deemed imperative, in view of the Easter holidays. 


  • The second anniversary event had a truly new and unique character for Just in Case. The first Just Conference was a live conference that hosted a series of speakers and was entitled   "Overturning stereotypes: The presence of women in the professional sphere". 


  • At the same time, we announced our collaboration with the Ecolawgy student group for the joint organization of a voluntary action. Finally, we're at the Jurisprudence Pod, which we thank for inviting us and hosting one of its episodes. 


Detailed information for each action follows below.


Detailed program

Image by Michael Benz

Just Discuss│Webinar on "Law and the Environment"

Monday, April 18 

Time: 18.00

Online via Zoom


Mrs. Siuti Glykeria, Professor at the School of Law, Greek Academy of Sciences

Mr Papaspyrou Nikolaos, Associate Professor (elect.) of the School of Law, EKPA

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Just Conference│Conference on "Overturning stereotypes: The presence of women in the professional field"

Friday, 13 May 

Time: 18.00

Economidou Hall, School of Law, Greek Academy of Sciences, Sina 3

Free entrance

Just Conference│"Overturning stereotypes: The presence of women in the professional field"


Ms Gavouneli Maria, Professor at the Faculty of Law of Athens, President of the National Human Rights Committee

Mrs. Athanasiou Lia, Professor at the School of Law, Greek Academy of Sciences

Ms. Doussi Emmanuela, Professor of the Department of Political Science and Public Administration, EKPA, Holder of the UNESCO Chair for Climate Diplomacy

Miss Doku Lina, Biologist, Postdoctoral Researcher at Yale University, Founder of Greek Women in STEM

Mrs. Mutafi Myrto, Resident Physician, Postdoctoral Researcher at Yale University

Mrs. Vytogianni Dimitra, LL.M. (LSE), Barrister


Just in Case X

In the fourth episode of Jurisprudence POD it was

the series of Just in Case to make a guest appearance!

Jurisprudence POD is a student team productionLawPedia Greece, which aims to make legal science accessible and understandable to all. The first episode of Jurisprudence was published on Spotify in January 2022 and since then the podcast has gained a steady and enthusiastic audience. The keynote speaker is the law student, Dimitris Papadimas, who talks to the podcast guests on legal issues. In a pleasant way and in an understandable way, they jointly seek answers to concerns that may arise for those who are going through the first steps of their legal studies, but also to questions that concern even non-lawyers. Dialogue, free expression of ideas, humor and friendliness are just some of the elements that give the Jurisprudence POD episodes a special liveliness and interest.


In the fourth episode of Jurisprudence POD, Anneta and Ioanna were in Dimitris' studio and represented the founding team of Just in Case. The subject of their discussion, the amendments to the new Criminal Code, which came into force with the law 4619/2019. The episode, however, is not limited only to the presentation of legislative changes. It is in its entirety an artistic celebration of Just in Case's one-year anniversary.

With this episode Dimitris and LawPedia as a whole found the most meaningful way to express their wish to Just in Case for continuous creation and development. Thank you very much for the warm hospitality and the enjoyable conversation.

A shared vision of Just in Case and LawPedia Greece, the constructive collaboration between student groups, which knows no barriers, only possibilities for originality.  

You can listen to the fourth episode of Jurisprudence POD by pressing play below. All episodes can be found by clickinghere.

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