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March tribute

Criminal law:
An attempt at deepening

Brush Strokes

Criminal Law Seminar

The new Criminal Code andits modifications:Problems and Prospects

Tuesday, March 22, 2022│Time: 18.00

Law Library, Mavromichali 23 ("Haris Karatzas" Hall)

Simulcast via Zoom

Brush Strokes

Mr. Christos Mylonopoulos

Professor at the Faculty of Law of the Greek Academy of Sciences




Through the presentation of our guest professor, Mr. Christos Mylonopoulos, problems and perspectives arising from the amendments to the Criminal Code were developed. Among the points raised by our speaker, reference was made to the issue of the prosecution of property crimes by summons, which the legislature introduced into a series of crimes, especially in the cases of felony embezzlement and felony fraud._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_

Also, the issue of amending article 310 of the Criminal Code on grievous bodily harm after the entry into force of Law 4855/2021 was approached. In short, the earlier provision was restored and the conduct in question was treated as a crime distinguished by its effect.

Among the issues discussed, the reinstatement of the provision of article 43 of the Criminal Code on inappropriate attempt, which was abolished by the previous change in June 2019. Thus, the attempt becomes inappropriate because of the criminal means used or because of the object against to which the act is directed. The inopportune attempt receives a milder criminal treatment, as it is punished with the penalty of the attempt reduced by half, while when it is done willingly it remains unpunished. 

The event was held with great success in the form of a hybrid regime, live and with simultaneous webcasting. Due to the current health conditions and restrictions in place, 50 people attended the event, while more than 400 people watched the talk remotely. Our live and online audience includes judicial officers, lawyers, professors and doctors of law, as well as undergraduate and graduate students. 

Brief CV
Mr. Christos Mylonopoulos, Professor of the Faculty of Law, EKPA 

He was born in Thessaloniki. In 1977 he graduated first from the Law School of the University of Athens. During the years 1977-1980, with a scholarship from the German Scholarship Foundation (DAAD), he prepared a doctoral thesis at the Faculty of Law of the University of Saarbrücken, which was awarded the Eduard Martin Prize as the best thesis of the year. From 1985 to 1987 he worked as a Researcher at the Institute of Criminal Sciences of the Faculty of Law of the University of Munich with a scholarship from the Alexander-von-Humboldt-Stiftung and in 1990 at the Max-Planck Institute for International and Foreign Criminal Law in Freiburg. Since 1996 he has been a Professor at the Law School of the University of Athens.

He has taught at the University of Munich as a visiting professor, while he has lectured by invitation at the Law School of the University of Munich, Frankfurt, London (Queen Mary), Beijing, Istanbul and Salerno, at the College of Criminal Law of Beijing University (Beijing), Renmin University (Beijing), Max Planck Institute of International and Foreign Criminal Law in Freiburg, Budapest School of Judges, UN International Anti-Corruption Academy (Laxemburg), etc. His works have been published, in addition of Greek, German, French and English, while they have been translated into Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, French, Italian and Turkish.

He was chairman of the legislative committee for the new criminal code (from Sept. 2008 until 2009 when he resigned), Member of the Supreme Special Court (two terms) and the Supreme Disciplinary Council. He has taken part in many law-making committees (as chairman or member) and participated as a representative of Greece in the Working Group of the (then) European Communities that elaborated the PiF Convention for the criminal protection of Community legal goods. He has repeatedly participated in international criminal law conferences, such as the AIDP and the International Society of Comparative Law and has previously represented the country at the Council of Europe and the European Communities. He was an External Evaluator for the selection of the Director of the Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law (Freiburg) and a Member of the International Committee for the awarding of the Sigrist Prize (Bern). He is a Member of the Scientific Council of the Parliament of the Hellenes and a Lawyer of Athens since 1981. He has written 12 books (monographs, textbooks, etc.) and more than 70 independent studies.

In 2015, he founded the Institute of European and International Criminal Law and was elected its President. Since then the Institute has developed intense scientific activity, organizing numerous events and conferences on current criminal issues.

In the year 2019 his scientific biography was included in the work of Professor Eric Hilgendorf Die ausländiske Strafrechtsswissenschaft in Selbstdarstellungen, by the publishing house De Gruyter, Berlin Boston 2019, where the scientific work of important German-speaking criminologists from all over the world is presented.


Warm thanks to Professor Mylonopoulos 
for his prompt response to our invitation and for the excellent suggestion,
in the Law Library on hospitality 
as well as to all participants. 

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