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Social media and Individual Rights

1st Case Study by Just in Case  

January 12, 2022

Stay tuned for the time and place of the event.

Deadline for applications

Friday, December 24, 11:59 p.m. 

Social Media
and Individual Rights

Social networking platforms are structured to be a safe place to exchange ideas, opinions and photos. But what happens when a post violates the rules of proper operation ?

The German Federal Court (Bundesgerichtshof, Urteile vom 29. Juli 2021 - III ZR 179/20 und III ZR 192/20) ruled that Facebook, by deleting its users' posts as contrary to its terms of operation and without allowing them to respond, acted illegally.


In the first Case Study  Just in Case will examine the reasoning behind this decision more closely, through a lively roundtable discussion . The aim of the Case Study is to present in an interactive way the difficult and interesting legal questions posed by social media in relation to individual rights and in particular to freedom of expression .


In the first phase of the Case Study (preparation phase), the participants will be divided into two groups (majority and minority of the decision) and will study the respective Study Guides , in order to support the point of view that has been assigned to them.  

In the second phase (day of the event), the team members will meet to discuss and combine their findings. Then, the groups will present their arguments each, under the coordination of Mr. Nikolaos Simantiras , Postdoctoral Researcher of the Law School of EKPA.

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