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November tribute


Philosophy of Law

Tribute to the Sector
History and Theory of Law

Central action of the Tribute

will be a two-day Seminar on Philosophy of Law.

Read the syllabus below .


A few words about the Philosophy of Law

The Philosophy of Law (jurisprudentia), the foundation of Legal Science, is the point of contact of all legal orders. All laws incorporate a purpose, a logic, which becomes accessible to the human mind through Philosophy.


The interpretation and correct application of the rules of law, however, is only one aspect of the Philosophy of Law: thanks to it, sometimes clear, and sometimes questionable answers have been given to critical questions, such as: "what is law?", "Which is the relationship between ethics and law? " and "what is the foundation of power?" etc.


The fascination of the Philosophy of Law is that the answer is not one: the connection of the beliefs of some enlightened people, philosophers, political scientists and sociologists, with their experiences and historical conditions is obvious.


For this reason and with the flow of history, philosophical thought proceeds and more or less convincing answers are given to these questions, which concern and directly affect man as an individual, but also the society in which he lives.

Philosophy Seminar

of Law

Part A '- November 25
Part B '- 02 December


Philosophy of Law Seminar

Part A'

The concept of "Right"

Speaker: Mr. Pavlos Sourlas,

Emeritus Professor of Philosophy

of Law of the Law School of EKPA


The relationship between law and justice,
Positivism - Anti-positivism


Philosophy of Law Seminar
Part B 

Speaker: Mr. Michael Stathopoulos, Emeritus Professor of Civil Law of the Athens Law School, Member of the Academy of Athens, former Minister of Justice

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