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December tribute

Intellectual Property Conference

Art and the Law:
Just in the middle

Just in Case's 1st Intellectual Property Conference is right at the intersection between Law and Art. Lawyers, artists and critics each speak from their own point of view about the place of the work of art in modern reality. Personal experiences, value judgments, new fields of creation and legal innovations globally outline the modern dimensions of the "Intellectual Property" phenomenon. The protection of the creator is faced with new challenges, but it remains a legal goal throughout time.


"What Art?"
Poka-Yio, Associate Professor ASKT, Founding Director of Athens Biennale, Visual Artist, Curator of Exhibitions.

"The Fate of Derivative Visual Works"
Christodoulou Konstantinos, Professor of Law School of Athens, Lawyer
"The claim to readjust the authors' remuneration after Law 4996/2022"
Georgopoulos Ioannis, DN, Lawyer, Postdoctoral Researcher at the Faculty of Law, EKPA
"Principles of Storytelling: The Desire, the Journey and the Creator's Enemies"
Foivos Oikonomidis, Author, Screenwriter, Copywriter (State Award for Debut Author 2021)
"Use of works by providers of online content sharing services"
Vagena Evangelia, D.N., Lawyer, Teacher OPA/PAPEI
"NFTs: A digital innovation of unprecedented (?) legal issues"
Papathanasiou Vaia, LL.M., Lawyer

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