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Our vision

 The development of an open communication channel has been the foundation of our efforts from the beginning. A constant interaction not only between law students, but also of all those who are interested in law. Through their active role, all participants will be able to exchange their thoughts and arguments on critical and pioneering issues related to Law. That is our goal.

 hope that our internet "space" will be a place of scientific research and inspiration. Every "visitor" will be able to post their texts on our blog and in this way become a part of our project. At the same time, workshops, debates and live podcasts will be held, with topics that will be updated every month and will concern the five pillars of the training of the legal scientist: Private Law, Public Law, Criminal Sciences, International Studies, History and Theory of Law. Through these actions, participants will get in touch with teachers and other reputable lawyers, while the most inspiring contributions will be published and awarded.

Therefore, you who are currently reading our vision for a more systematic and participatory dialogue and wish to be actively involved, do not hesitate to send us your ideas.

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Our principles


​Everyone is welcome

Multifaceted approach

Science is multidimensional

Self-action and interaction

Your personal contribution is what is required 

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Legal dialogue is promoted through the evaluation of the solutions provided by the Law in contemporary issues and the presentation of arguments.

Thus, the blog of our website will always be available to host your articles, as long as they approach - directly or even indirectly - a legal issue.

Tribute of the Month

The theme on which our actions will focus will be updated monthly and will be drawn from each of the areas of Law.

Our goal is on the one hand the comprehensive treatment of the legal order and on the other hand the contact with a variety of current issues.


At the beginning of each month, workshops will be held, with the aim of introducing the topic of the tribute and its approach by experts. Academics, researchers and experts will give open speeches.

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 Workshops / Debates

Self-action and real-time interaction we want to be pillars in the action of Just In Case.

Therefore, those interested will be given the opportunity to actively participate in workshops or debates, focusing on the topic of the month.
Participants will get one
  idea for the operation of the drafting committees, in a short time, so that their program is not burdened.


Throughout the tributes, competitions of legal texts will take place, in which the candidates can participate via the respective forms.

The final judgment will be held by academic professors and doctors and a prize is to be  provided for the most inspiring creations.
In the near future we plan to organize mini virtual litigation competitions, so that students can experience a simulation of the legal profession.

Live Chat!

On our Instagram and Facebook pages, there will be live broadcasts by the heads of the departments, in order to cultivate our relations as a student community, but also in order to answer questions that you ask about our actions in real time.
Follow us on social media, so you do not miss quizzes, polls, articles and of course  to stay informed about the next steps of Just In Case.

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who we are


Anneta Vretou 

Co- Founder | Head of International and European Law Department

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